Steel Structures Cooperative Company of IRAN (CAMSI)


CAMSI | Export Management Company

The cooperative of the members of the trade association of steel structures

About us:

For about 4 years we have decided to have a different business and from the beginning we have been eager to work to build a better world for our growing society. The cooperative complex of steel structures manufacturers in the country consists of large and small knowledge-based industrial factories with an annual production capacity of standard structures of 500,000 tons and employment of about 100,000 people, which in response to the country’s biggest social challenge (safe and sustainable structures) operates in the form of cooperative organizations in the sectors of construction and construction industries, refineries and petrochemical industries, sheds and industrial tanks, and in 2018 with the cooperation and support of ministries and organizations of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Labor, Cooperation and Affairs Social, the National Organization for Standardization, the engineering system, and with the vision of “producing safe and stable structures for everyone anywhere.” Has been established.


In the direction of sustainable development of the country, the Steel Structures Cooperative Company is committed to standardize, strengthen the safety and stability of steel structures, observing all ethical principles and social responsibility, and has made every effort so that it can be for all. People in every corner of the vast world and our beloved homeland to build stable and safe structures.

Safe and Stable structures for every one every where


Our main mission in Steel Structures Cooperative is to produce a diverse range of fast, stable and safe steel products used in buildings bridges, buildings, industrial units, refineries and petrochemicals for all individuals and legal entities in any place And with any taste. It is in line with national and international standards to create more value for customers, to this end we will try to learn, develop organizational capabilities, active social approach, standardization, creativity, innovation, rule of law, ethics and use Reduce costs from the latest technologies in the world and offer various, safe and stable products with high quality and reasonable prices Steel Structures Cooperative is committed to a meaningful approach (socially active and beneficial) for all stakeholders.

Active social approach:

Striving to build a better world based on organizational values and human, entrepreneurial, social, and environmental responsibilities.


Beneficial approach:

Our reason is to contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the local and international community. To achieve common goals through work, the Steel Structures Cooperative strives to create a balance between the results and achievements of the company and the social aspect of the company with the people.


These goals that we have set ourselves are stepping stones to our vision and will help us to ensure that our work builds high quality, safe, and stable structures for everyone anywhere, and improve the life quality of people. They will help maximize our impact and ensure that, through our members, we bring experts together to build safe and stable structures for local and international communities. CAMSI goals for 2025 are:

Meet costumers needs based On Standards and Regulations

Reduction of Construction time


CAMSI Vision and Goals