Friendly and neighboring country, Turkey

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Whit respect and sympathy ، CAMSI cooperative is ready to announce readiness for construction  its slogan safe and stable  structure…

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In the direction of sustainable development of the country, the Steel Structures Cooperative Company is committed to standardize, strengthen the safety and stability of steel structures, observing all ethical principles and social responsibility, and has made every effort so that it can be for all. People in every corner of the vast world and our beloved homeland to build stable and safe structures. Safe and Stable structures for every one every where

About Camsi Cooperative

Cooperative to meet the needs of members of the Association of Manufacturers of Steel Structures (Camsi) in 2018, was formed with about 20 members and its purpose is to briefly synergize existing capacities and reduce production costs and create and expand the culture of using structures It was standard steel. The industry of production of steel structures is one of the most important industries that the level of development of any country depends on progress in this field. As the industrial revolution is defined by the role of steel and its use. This industry has an effective role in all parent industries such as oil and petrochemical industry, electricity industry, transportation industry and rail network of construction industry and progress and development will be meaningless without considering the production of steel structures.


Our main mission in Steel Structures Cooperative is to produce a diverse range of fast, stable and safe steel products used in buildings bridges, buildings, industrial units, refineries and petrochemicals for all individuals and legal entities in any place And with any taste. It is in line with national and international standards to create more value for customers, to this end we will try to learn, develop organizational capabilities, active social approach, standardization, creativity, innovation, rule of law, ethics and use Reduce costs from the latest technologies in the world and offer various, safe and stable products with high quality and reasonable prices Steel Structures Cooperative is committed to a meaningful approach (socially active and beneficial) for all stakeholders.