For about 4 years we have decided to have a different business and from the beginning we have been eager to work to build a better world for our growing society. The cooperative complex of steel structures manufacturers in the country consists of large and small knowledge-based industrial factories with an annual production capacity of standard structures of 500,000 tons and employment of about 100,000 people, which in response to the country’s biggest social challenge (safe and sustainable structures) operates in the form of cooperative organizations in the sectors of construction and construction industries, refineries and petrochemical industries, sheds and industrial tanks, and in 2018 with the cooperation and support of ministries and organizations of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Labor, Cooperation and Affairs Social, the National Organization for Standardization, the engineering system, and with the vision of “producing safe and stable structures for everyone anywhere.” Has been established.


  • In the direction of sustainable development of the country, the Steel Structures Cooperative Company is committed to standardize, strengthen the safety and stability of steel structures, observing all ethical principles and social responsibility, and has made every effort so that it can be for all. People in every corner of the vast world and our beloved homeland to build stable and safe structures. Safe and Stable structures for every one every where


GOAL 1: Meet costumer’s needs based on Standards and Regulations: Priority 1.1 Standardization of product: To improve the quality and safety of products, standardization of products that produce by any members of the cooperative company is necessary. Thus, we have codified a procedure for cooperative companies’ members that will join us, Having a standard license or certificate of the third party to confirm their products is mandatory. Adherence to other local and international laws and regulations is also mandatory for members. Moreover, members must be committed to the ethical charter of CAMSI, and act based on it.

GOAL 2: reduction of construction time: Priority 2.1 using of the latest knowledge and technology: Today’s trend in the construction field is increasing demands on technology in spite of the fact, that today’s exploitation of information and communication technology generally is not satisfactory. BIM technology is one of the most supported tools in the construction industry, generally. Especially, that’s true in the design phase. But, there are more other applications that are in connection or not with BIM technology. All these reasons confirm the importance of knowledge and technology, and applications in the field of construction. Digitalization in the construction industry is key to the implementation of progressive knowledge-based technology. CAMSI regarding commitments to customers tries to provide and implement new 5 technology for improving productivity, quality, and safety and saving energy, and cost in their activities and projects.

GOAL 3: Sustainability: Priority 3.1 we act to economically: CAMSI is committed to acting economically in all conditions, thus concepts such as; productivity, saving energy and cost and using optimum material are the first priority. We believe that the stability of our cooperative company is dependent on these we said in our vision and mission we will attempt to using high technology, knowledge, and professional experts for doing our products.

Core values of Steel Structures Cooperative:

Core values are a set of our core beliefs, ideals, or practices that inform others of our attitudes toward performing our professional activities and help the organization determine how resources are allocated, adopt important decisions, and grow. These values in the Steel Structures Cooperative are as follows:


Dealing with strong ethics is a priority for all those who represent the cooperative as well as the behavior of the company as a whole. Goodwill in the workplace means that you are trying to do the right thing, even when you think no one is looking at you.


Often, the growth of a company follows the professional growth of its employees. Valuing for growth means that we have the motivation to continuously improve ourselves and our company.


Creating quality products is our commitment. We build quality in manufacturing. Our goal in producing products is to create value for our customers.


means to create a balance between the interests of the cooperative and the concerns and issues and social problems as social responsibility.

Obey the laws and legislations:

(Adherence to principles, rules and regulations and professional standards).

Orbital ethics

(ethical work):

Ethical work is one of the most important principles of a cooperative company in producing and providing services.